Top Quality Child Care for Southwest Virginia

As the largest municipality in Southwest Virginia, Roanoke has a large population that includes children who need the best opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive. Joyful Noise Children’s Center is the perfect place for that as we are staffed with only the best and most dedicated child care providers who are committed to each and every child that comes through our door.

From before-school care to preschool to general daycare, our top quality center is the best facility for any parent or guardian looking to enroll their child in a wholesome, friendly environment that will encourage growth, fun, and safety.

Quality Certified Staff & Education

For years, we have been providing the children of Roanoke, VA, with the best child care services available. The children who attend our daycare and preschool are happy, healthy, and are given a quality education. Every member of our staff is certified when it comes to safety and early childhood education and development, so there is no better option for you or your child.

We Treat Your Children Like Our Own

Whether you are looking for reliable after-school care for your child or quality preschool for your toddler, Joyful Noise Children’s Center has what you need. Clean, safe environments are guaranteed at our facility, so you can rest assured that your children will be well taken care of while they learn and play. We treat your children like they are our own children and are dedicated to making every day a fun and educational adventure.


The Most Reliable Services in the Area

As Roanoke’s child care center of choice, we provide many children ages two to twelve with the best care available. Exemplary education curriculums, safe facilities, and fun environments are just a few of the great services we offer. If you are looking to enroll your child in preschool or daycare, call Joyful Noise Children’s Center today for the most reliable services in the area!