Joyful Noise Curriculum


Effective Curriculum Designed for Excellence

The dedicated and experienced staff at Joyful Noise Children’s Center believe children should have fun! Experts say that children learn the most through play, so we provide plenty of playtime activities as well as a preschool curriculum designed for excellence in early education.

The A BEKA Curriculum is an effective tool used to teach children manners, communication, numbers, letters, phonetics, science, geography, and religious stories. We pride ourselves on ensuring that each and every child in our preschool facilities will be ready for kindergarten both socially and academically, so call our office at (540) 966-0622 to enroll your child today!

Daily Structure & Activities to Ensure Fun & Learning

In addition to our structured curriculum, we also include daily group, outdoor, dramatic, and free play, as well as many other daily activities to ensure fun and learning. Age-appropriate lessons and exciting activities encourage children to want to learn and grow, so we incorporate these into our structure every day.

While we do provide a general daily activity list on our Activities Page, your child’s classroom will have a more detailed list of daily activities. Bathroom times vary to meet the child’s needs. TV time is also included, but for no more than 30 minutes throughout the day and all movies are rated G. It is our policy to go outside to play every day, unless the weather is inclement. The time may be broken up between the morning and afternoon, so please dress your child appropriately for the weather. Closed-toe shoes are encouraged, along with play clothes.

Safe, Effective, & Fun Education & Growth

Joyful Noise Children’s Center is dedicated to each child’s education and growth, so we use what we consider to be the best curriculum and structure to encourage effective learning, health, and happiness. For the best child care services in a safe and fun environment, contact us today!